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myCatalyst - Your Information Infrastructure for achieving Optimal Healthcare outcomes!

An Information Infrastructure for Patient Centered Care Coordination,
Clinical Integration and/or P4O Reimbursement Models.

These models are gaining momentum and have proven to achieve optimal financial and healthcare outcomes.

myCatalyst compiles data from every facet of your health management program, including medical, pharmacy, and disability claims, as well as health risk assessments, biometric results, and other data sources. This global view of the participant helps you understand at a glance if you're making progress and meeting projections. myCatalyst provides affordable, reliable tools to research and analyze results - including statistical analyses of disease states, disability cases and health risks - Physicians leverage myCatalyst for improving clinical outcomes and for participating in case management and pay for outcomes reimbursement models, as well as providing the infrastructure and reporting system to support physician guided, patient centric clinical integration and care coordination. For employer’s, myCatalyst independently audits your program's health risk reduction performance and quantifies the financial impact of the associated costs for your employees and their dependents; all essential elements for achieving outstanding results.

is not a service provider, but instead serves to coordinate the unique configuration of medical, health, and productivity management vendors involved in your health management program. Unlike traditional data mining and data warehouses used primarily for benefits modeling, myCatalyst is an application that serves as the central nervous system for supporting a well organized, collaborative approach for seamlessly “coordinating” all service providers associated with participant management along the care continuum.


has evolved beyond data warehousing and management to program synchronization that:

•  Coordinates all program service providers in order to independently audit program performance and ensure optimal outcomes. This includes bringing the physician back as leader of the care team.

•  Utilizes best of class assignment and implementation of care management programs that facilitates the strengths of vendor programs and prevents multiple vendors/programs contacting one participant. It supports a primary health manager model with the ability of those primary managers to leverage other programs and services.

•  Provides an efficient and seamless triage of participants into the best available care management program(s) to meet their health management needs. It also supports the patient centered medical home and pay for outcomes.

•  Provides all care managers a profile of all the health management activities of any given participant

•  Allows easy, secure access to the information through encrypted sessions by remote desktop.

•  Compiles large volumes of data from every aspect of member health and productivity management into a single data station and updates at regular intervals as new data becomes available.

•  Employer/Payer can see aggregate information on how many participants there are in what intervention type at any given point in time and monitor program performance.

•  Provides program administration for employer/payer and employee/member advocacy to ensure optimal outcomes

•  Provides hierarchical, statistical measures in a “drill down” format for predetermined dimensions such as age, weight, and so forth for management reporting.

•  myCatalyst supports provider clinical integration, medical homes, and pay for outcomes reimbursement models. It also provides physician reporting.

•  Includes expert annual interpretation of the data, along with recommendations; through consolidated reporting.

•  Has the flexibility and affordability to serve employers/payers/physician networks of all sizes.

•  Facilitates incentive administration for programs rewarding multiple activities and outcomes.



No matter what your needs are to manage your population, our reputation and track record helping employers/ physicians all over the country to achieve their healthcare and financial goals; should assure you we can make sure you have the right programs in place to ensure success. We look forward to working with you…

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