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Achieving business, program, participant, healthcare outcomes and financial goals

•  Conducts “gap”or Opportunity Analysis and Process Redesign;
if applicable

•  Nominal Groups

•  Population Health and Productivity Analysis (PHPA/PHPA+)

•  Standard, Plus, or Custom Analysis; and Reporting

•  Sensitivity model

•  Identifies cost drivers within population(s) that are impacting employee health status, work performance, and organizational costs;

•  Formulates a plan of action to reduce/avoid unnecessary health care/disability costs to enhance productivity by assisting the workforce in maintaining optimal health status

•  Establishes a baseline for measuring and evaluation the effectiveness of care management, health/disease management programs, and/or health promotion/wellness programs

•  Develops and Implements Clinical Integration Programs

•  Supports and Implements Medical Home Models

•  Develops and Implements effective communication and promotion programs

•  Develops effective incentive programs

•  Develops and / or contracts for effective performance guarantees from vendors / programs

•  Evaluates program(s) -- standard or custom analysis and reports -- documents the business case for programs

•  Enhances, builds, selects programs that achieve desired program, financial, and business goals

•  Develops / Enhances programs for Disease, Disability, Maternity, Wellness, Health Management

•  Cancer
•  Cardiac
•  Comorbidity
•  Diabetes
•  Hypertension
•  Maternity

•  Preconception
•  Interconception
•  Prenatal
•  Postpartum
•  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
•  Infant Care

•  Mental Health
•  Obesity
•  Pediatric Health
•  Respiratory
•  Specialty Rx
•  Weight
•  Wound Care

•  Vendor evaluation and selection for programs and services

•  Pay for Performance models

•  Achieves desired behavior change and patient adherence/compliance

•  Facilitates clinician communication training for desired results – behavior change and adherence

•  Policy, procedures, criteria, and program development/enhancement related to obesity management

•  Nursing care plans, patient/individual self-care plans, assessments with associated logic/algorithms, and more

•  Content for disease, maternity, and/or health management

•  Executive health management

•  Individual health management

•  Solves healthcare puzzles (problem solving in healthcare)

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