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ACHIEVING OPTIMAL HEALTH & HUMAN PERFORMANCE (Productivity) for employers, health plans, physicians / clinicians, health / disease management providers, and for the populations they cover.

Experts agree that the healthcare system has to change "business as usual" to:
Control rate of trend
Quality of life
Healthcare and financial outcomes

Reduce your healthcare costs and improve the health or your covered population by contacting Robin Foust, BS, PAHM at (803) 324-8626 or email: robinzoe@comporium.net

Zoe Consulting, Inc. develops tools and services to evaluate covered populations in terms of health and risk to provide solutions that work. Our proactive approach manages healthcare related costs and identifies cost drivers conducive for implementing corrective strategies that reduce costs through achieving optimal health status and human performance.


Determine what works best for your organization to achieve your goals including,
but not limited to:
Needs Analysis:
Gap or Opportunity Analysis
Nominal Groups
Population Health and Productivity Analysis and Reporting
Program & Organizational Development for Population Health Management:
"Steps to Wellness"
Incentive Design
Vendor Evaluation and Selection:

Health Risk Assessment
Maternal and Child Health Management
Lifestyle or Wellness Management
Disability Management
Disease Management
Contract and Performance Guarantee(s) Negotiation

Program Evaluation


Patient Centered Care Coordination

Clinical Integration Programs
Patient Centered Medical Home Networks and Programs

Obesity and Weight Management:

Policy and Programming making a difference
Internal or External Program Development and Implementation

Clinician Behavioral Change Communication Training

Clinical Integration Program Patient Centered Medical Home Networks and Programs

Healthcare Pay For Performance Reimbursement Models / Programs


The Zoe approach in most cases will be able to identify savings of 10-15%. Significant cost savings can also be realized from (confidentially) integrating personal health information for employees/spouses/members. Early detection of conditions along with subsequent health management programs can reduce treatment costs and help achieve optimal outcomes. Savings also include gains and benefits from increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and decreased long-term and short term disability costs.

We are award winning experts in managing health and human performance (productivity). Our primary markets include the self-insured employers, Disease and Health Management Organizations, Medicaid, Physicians, and Medicare populations. However, Zoe Consulting also has experience in other areas as depicted throughout this site.
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