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Articles and Books by Zoe Consultants:
(Available to download and print)

1. Engagement Strategies in Health and Disease Management: Best Practices for Boosting Participation

2. Keys to Achieving Optimal Desired and Sustained Behavior Change for Disease Management and Wellness Programs

3. Evidence of Cost Savings and Improved Outcomes: Maternal and Pediatric Health Management

2. Evidence: Health Management Works

3. Achieving Optimal Maternal and Child Health Outcomes: Best Practice for Medicaid and Commercial Populations

4. Disease Management : Motivational Strategies Having Mixed Results. Providers Focus on Co-Pays, Premium Cuts as DM Incentives

5. Best Practice for Obesity and Weight Management: Finding Success through Linking Effective Gastric Bypass Surgery Policy and Health Management

Presentations by Zoe Consultants:
(Available to download and print)

1. Solving the Obesity/Weight Management Puzzle

Intellectual Property Items/Documents for purchase:
Contact Robin Foust if interested in purchase or licensing:

1. Maternal and Child Health Record

2. Assessment and logic linking to content, nursing care plans, patient self-care plans, and so forth

3. Obesity and Weight Management program software with compliance and behavioral change monitoring.

4. Sample Policy, Procedures and Programs for Bariatric Surgery and Obesity Management - $275
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Worth checking out:

• Crossing The Quality Chasm by The Insitute of Medicine
• Epidemic of Care
by George C. Halvorson and George J. Isham, MD
• Facilitating Treatment Adherence
by Donald Meichenbaum and Dennis C. Turk
• Motivational Interviewing
by William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick
• Relapse Prevention
by G. Alan Marlatt and Jidth R. Gordon
• Disease Management
by Warren Todd and David Nash, MD


"Addressing Multiple Behavioral Risk Factos in Primary Care;"
Michael Goldstein and Susan J. Curry; American Journal of Preventive Medicine; August, 2004


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